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Environmental-Agricultural Sciences Academy 

Technical, academic and work place skills in an integrated curriculum to prepare students for entering the workforce or post-secondary education in the fields of environmental science and natural resources, plant or animal sciences. 

Maryland agriculture industry experts indicate the following:

  • Growing public concerns over natural resources, environmental quality, and public health will continue to expand the role and scope of the agricultural natural resource management and environmental services sectors.
  • The agricultural sector is a highly competitive global industry creating new challenges in identifying global and domestic markets; improving business planning, financing, risk management, and productivity; and reducing costs.
  • Advances in science and technology, in particular biotechnology will continue to drive innovation and growth in agricultural production and food processing through the development of new markets, products, and processes.


  • Preparation for post-secondary education
  • Development of foundation skills that will allow students to earn a competitive income within a few years of graduation
  • Professional certification(s)
  • Articulated college credit
  • Public speaking and leadership skills attained through participation in FFA and Envirothon activities

Academy of Teaching Professions

The mission of the Academy of Teaching Professions is to encourage a diverse group of students to enter the teaching profession by providing the support and foundation necessary for success as both students and teachers.

In the Academy, the classroom is the context for learning to teach.  The best way to learn how to teach is to observe and interact with experienced and enthusiastic teachers, and to talk with them about their profession.  In the Academy courses students learn to apply information, concepts, and theories to real life educational settings.

The Academy curriculum is designed to prepare students for careers in education, either as teachers or paraprofessionals, and to expose them to the essentials of teaching by offering: 1) courses related to teaching, learning, and children;  2)  field experience internships and community service tutoring opportunities; and 3) college credit bearing course work transferable to local colleges and universities. 

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Academy

The United States is experiencing a severe shortage of engineers and well-educated technical workers:  more than 1 million jobs are unfilled due to lack of qualified candidates.  One reason is that more than half of the students who enroll in college engineering and engineering-technology programs drop out because they are not adequately prepared in high school. 

Introduction to engineering and engineering technology in high school will allow students to determine (before college) whether they are interested in pursuing an engineering-related career.  The STEM Academy/Project Lead The Way graduate will be better prepared for engineering programs in college or technical school and will be more likely to succeed.

Benefits to Students

  • Awareness of high-demand, high-wage careers
  • Relevant application of mathematical and scientific principles
  • Opportunity to solve real-world problems
  • In-depth application of knowledge
  • Exposure to the latest computer software and equipment used by industry, colleges and universities
  • Hands-on activities that utilize team effort
  • Skills required for jobs and postsecondary education
  • Improved performance in academic work
  • Increased communication skills
  • Opportunity to earn college credit

Fire & Rescue Academy

This academy was developed to provide a means to train high school students in the art of firefighting and emergency medical technology and will provide the student with the educational skills that prepare them for entry into the field of Emergency Services.

Upon completion of the full one-year of training, the student will be qualified to apply for National Certification at the Firefighter 2 level and be eligible to obtain a National Certification as an Emergency Medical Technician-Basic. Classes are held each afternoon the during student's junior and senior years at the portable classroom at South Hagerstown High School and the Hagerstown Fire Department training center.

Academy of Finance

Established nationally in 1982, the Academy of Finance introduces students to the broad career opportunities in the financial services industry and, in the process, equips them to make sound choices for the future.  A member program of the National Academy Foundation, the Academy of Finance operates as a “school within a school” and is located at Williamsport High School. The academy offers studies in:

  • Principles and Applications of Finance
  • Principles of Accounting and Financial Reporting
  • Financial Services
  • Principles of Management OR Legal Environment of Business taken at Hagerstown Community College
  • The Academy program also features:
  • Eight-week paid internships at banks, brokerage houses, financial exchanges, insurance companies, accounting firms — even government agencies.
  • A way for students to earn college credits while in high school — and the opportunity to attend conferences, trade shows, and college fairs in addition to visiting a variety of finance related businesses.
  • Enhanced opportunities for employment after graduation.

The Academy of Biomedical Sciences

The Project Lead the Way Biomedical Sciences program is a dynamic program using hands-on, real-world problems to engage and challenge students interested in math, science and the human body. This program is appropriate for students interested in pursuing a career in biological sciences, emergency services, health care or medicine, creating an exciting environment of biomedical techniques, anatomy and physiology, interventions to support life and treat disease, as well as research. Additionally, students solve problems, participate as part of a team, lead teams, conduct research, investigate real-world problems, analyze data and learn outside the classroom. Students enrolled in this academy must also be enrolled in college-preparatory mathematics and science courses. The Biomedical Sciences are not designed to replace the traditional science course, but are designed to enhance them and to focus on the concepts directly related to the field of Biomedical Sciences. This program is available at Washington County Technical High School.

The Oracle Academy

The Oracle Academy, located at South Hagerstown High School, teaches students to design and implement data base systems that support various business functions such as sales, human resources, operations and support. High school students receive a foundational database, program and progressional skills curriculum, which uses a blended learning model that integrates Web-based training with face-to-face instruction, hands-on exercises and assessments. Student-centered curriculum. The professionally designed curriculum is geared to meet the learning needs of high school students. Teachers reinforce concepts through real-world projects. Advanced students can prepare for the Oracle 9i SQL certification exam. During the second year of instruction, an online college class is provided by Cecil Community College. Students will sit for various Oracle certification exams that are recognized in the workplace.

Computer Repair and Networking (CISCO Academy)

The CISCO Academy is a multifaceted program that teaches students valuable Internet technology skills, including Cisco networking, PC Repair and Troubleshooting and network cabling. The curriculum covers a broad range of topics, from how to apply advanced PC troubleshooting skills and how to build a computer, to more complex Cisco Networking skills such as advanced Router Wide Area Network design and configuration. Students who successfully complete this program are eligible to earn several industry certifications including, but not limited to, CompTIA A+, Essentials and Interconnecting CISCO Network Devices I. College credits may also be earned through successful completion of this course through an articulation agreement with Hagerstown Community College. This program is available at Washington County Technical High School.