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Youth Apprenticeship Program (Businesses)

What is Youth Apprenticeship Maryland?

Youth Apprenticeship Maryland is a program formed under the direction of Governor Hogan to aid in creating a pipeline of skilled and qualified labor in both traditional and nontraditional fields by combining on-the-job training and related classroom instruction to eligible high school students. Washington County was chosen by the Maryland Department of Education to pilot the program.

Why should our business participate in Youth Apprenticeship Maryland?

Participating in the Youth Apprenticeship Maryland Program is an investment in your business. You receive help in recruiting competent students who will develop into highly skilled workers. Retention of students reduces turnover, decreasing costs. The Program benefits students, employers and the state economy by addressing the lack of on-the-job experiences and providing gainful employment.

How can my business become involved with Youth Apprenticeship Maryland?

Businesses need to complete the Eligible Employer Application which is reviewed and approved by the Maryland Apprenticeship Training Council or MATC. Once a business is approved, students apply for open positions by completing an application and resume. The employer is responsible for arranging and conducting interviews following normal hiring procedures. Once an offer of employment is made, the Youth Apprenticeship Agreement is signed. 

Businesses must agree to the following:

  • Commit to employing and training a youth apprentice for at least 450 hours within a specified period.
  • Developing a syllabus of major competencies that should be achieved
  • Provide a qualified mentor
  • Sign a Youth Apprenticeship Agreement
  • Pay the youth apprentice per the minimum wage law and exemptions
  • Determine hours the youth apprentice will work and follow all applicable child labor laws
  • Conduct periodic and regular performance evaluation of the youth apprentice
  • Provide safety instruction and a safe work environment
  • Anticipate future entry-level job openings

Who can I contact to find out more information?

Jeff Smith, Maryland Office of Workforce Development: 410-767-0227

Cody Pine, WCPS CTE Supervisor: 301-766-2950;

Steven Garland, WCPS CTE Content Specialist: 301-766-2950; ​ 

Wendy Moore, WCPS Youth Apprenticeship Coordinator: 301-766-2822; ​