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School Records

The school system maintains cumulative records on all students. The special education record is a part of the cumulative record. The records contain the following information:

Cumulative Record

  • Record of schools attended
  • Record of attendance
  • Grades earned
  • Health and academic screening results
  • Group test scores

Special Education Record

  • Referral information
  • Copies of parent invitations to meetings
  • Assessment plan
  • Parental consent for assessment
  • Assessment reports
  • Individualized Education Program
  • Plan and meeting summaries
  • Documentation of placement decisions
  • Parental consent for placement
  • Reevaluation information
  • Documentation of parental notices


The school system is required by law to keep your child's educational records B. No one but you and other authorized persons such as teachers, other specialists who work with your child and central office/state/federal representatives are allowed to see your child's records. No unauthorized person may see your child's records unless you give your written permission.

Destruction of Special Education Records

Special Education records for a student no longer receiving special education services will be maintained at the last school the student attended as a part of the cumulative record for a period of not less than six years. Special education records may be destroyed six years after termination of services. (Termination of services may be through dismissal from special education, withdrawal from school, or completion of the educational program.) Students 18 years old or older or parents may request the records before they are destroyed.