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Academy of Blended Learning Education (ABLE)

Contact Information

Address: 23 Funkstown Rd, Hagerstown, MD 21740  [ Map / Directions ]

Phone: 301-766-8162



Robert Stike, Coordinator

About Academy of Blended Learning Education (ABLE)

Enrollment for ABLE is currently closed.  If you would like your child to be added to a wait-list for consideration, please contact the school.


Robert Stike 


301-766-8162 Main
301-766-8166 Counselor


To be successful as a blended learner, students should be self-motivated to direct their own learning and have consistent attendance patterns. These students display a level of maturity needed to collaborate with a blended learning teacher. Students must be able to meet syllabus timelines and be willing to ask for help or clarification as needed.


  • Maintain 95% daily attendance in all classes
    • ELEMENTARY: synchronous 5 hours daily
    • MIDDLE: synchronous 5 hours daily; asynchronous 1.5–2 hours daily
    • HIGH: synchronous 4 hours daily; asynchronous 3 hours daily
  • Have a reliable, quality source of internet
  • Complete and submit lessons including daily attendance assignments
  • Engage in the lessonWCPS provides highly qualified teachers, access to curriculum, a WCPS owned device, extracurricular activities, and free and appropriate education
  • Collaborate with classmates
  • Remain logged on during all instruction
  • Check Google Classroom and school email daily
  • Use WCPS equipment as outlined in the Acceptable Use Policy
  • Follow all WCPS policies and procedures including the WCPS Code of Conduct
  • Contact teachers if additional support or clarification is needed
  • Attend live in-person assessments


  • Students should have a quiet place to attend class
  • Students need to have their cameras on and have a blurred background setting in Google Meet during synchronous instruction
  • Students will be expected to participate in classroom conversations
  • Students should be fully dressed and in an appropriate quiet space in your home (laying on your bed or couch is not conducive to a positive learning environment)
  • Students should avoid distracting movements or actions, when the camera is on
  • Students should consider putting a “live” sign on your door so that family members know that you are actively engaged in class


  • Provide a reliable, quality source of internet
  • Build a schedule and create structure and consistency for your child’s day – include time for meals, physical activity & down time.
  • Ensure students attend regularly
  • Ensure students are physically present for mandatory state and local testing
  • Encourage hard work
  • Ensure a designated space is available for learning
  • Review the learning platform and review student assignments and progress
  • Communicate with teachers
  • Check students progress on APEX and Google Classroom
  • Contact the school if your child is sick and unable to attend
  • Encourage students to stay in touch with friends