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Magnet Program

Arts: SCAPE provides expanded opportunities to magnet students in the visual and performing arts while incorporating best practices through arts integration (AI).

Arts: SCAPE Avenue A (Academic)


Avenue A (Academic) is designed for students who are highly gifted in English Language Arts and Creative Writing. These academically gifted students will be invited to apply following the current screening model. Advanced level coursework will utilize best practices from gifted education and arts integration (AI). Avenue A students complete summer assignments that their teachers will use to “frontload” content to allow magnet teachers to increase the depth of unit exploration throughout the school year.

Students invited to apply to Avenue A may also apply to Avenue B—the Creative Performing Arts Avenue. Dual applicants must also engage in the Avenue B audition process, in addition to completing the interview and task associated with the Avenue A application process.

Arts: SCAPE Avenue B (Creative and Performing Arts)

Avenue B is designed for students who have demonstrated talent or the potential for exceptional talent in the creative and performing arts. Any current Grade 5 student may apply for Avenue BAvenue B will be accessed via the audition/portfolio process, which mirrors the current criteria used for admission to Barbara Ingram School for the Arts. These creatively gifted and talented students will select a visual/performing arts concentration path, and participants will be eased into advanced-level coursework per their area(s) of identified academic strength(s). Avenue B applicants may apply for entrance to two (2) of the offered areas; Band, Orchestra, Chorus, Dance, Graphic Design, Creative Writing, Theatre and Visual Arts. Students may enter into one area.