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Library Policies

Everyone at WHS is encouraged to use the library for classwork as well as for their personal enjoyment and information needs. While the library's main purpose is to support the curricular needs of the students and staff of Williamsport High School, the 14,000 item collection also includes material for everyone to read just for fun. Although primarily for student and staff use, the community is welcome.


  • The library opens at 8:30 am and closes at 4:00 pm.
  • The library is closed one half hour every day for lunch: usually from 12:45 to 1:15. The time closed for lunch may vary from day to day based on teacher and student needs.
  • The library may occasionally close for planning, when the librarian is involved with computer repairs, or when large groups have reserved it for use.

Coming to the Library

Students must have a pass to come to the library during a class period unless the teacher has made other arrangements in advance. No pass is needed to come to the library before or after school. Watch the clock before school so you get to class on time!

Behavior in the Library

Everyone is expected to be courteous and to respect their fellow students, the school staff, the library facility, its furnishings and the library materials.

Ask for a library hall pass to use the restroom or water fountain.

Library Media Specialist

The librarian's job is to help library users. Never hesitate to ask for help! Always check with the librarian if you can't find something or to be sure you've located the best material.

Computers and the Internet

The library has computers to search the collection, for Internet access, for access to the magazine and newspaper databases, for word processing, and to access CD-ROM references.

Student use of library computers is a privilege, not a right.

Access to the Internet in Washington County schools is governed by Board of Education policy. School and library rules also apply.

You may use library computers for school related use of the Internet. Only school related use of the Internet is allowed without special permission. See the librarian before any other Internet use.

See the librarian for help using any computer in the library and report problems immediately.


Print responsibly! Know the number of pages you are printing BEFORE printing. Report printing problems immediately. If it doesn't print after the first try, don't try again!

Reserving Material

If a book or any other library item is not available because it's already checked-out, see the librarian. The item can be placed on reserve. When the item becomes available, it'll be held for you and you'll be notified.

Borrowing Material

All material taken from the library must first be checked-out at the circulation desk.

You are responsible for material you borrow. Do not borrow materials for other students.

Most books in the library are loaned for three weeks.

You may borrow as many books as you can return on time. If you need to borrow something for longer than three weeks, see the librarian.

Some library materials, like reference books, have shorter loan periods or may be reserved for use only in the library.

Interlibrary Loan

If you can't find the book you want in the WHS library collection it may be possible to borrow that item from another Washington County school library. See the librarian.


Return library materials on time. Material may be renewed (borrowed for another loan period) as long as it is not on reserve. See the librarian.


No overdue fines are charged. The due date received at time of checkout is your only notice of when materials are due. Reminder lists, overdue lists and overdue notices will be published as a courtesy only.

Students with overdues will be limited in the number of items they may borrow.

Long term problems with not returning library materials will be referred to an assistant principal for additional action. Students with long overdue books may be declared conduct ineligible.

Lost or Damaged Material

Library users are responsible for the library material they borrow and must pay for lost or damaged items. Replacement cost will be charged for lost material. Report lost or damaged material as soon as possible.

Found Books

If you find any library material, please return it to the library as soon as possible.

Requesting New Materials

Purchase suggestions are always welcome! Tell the librarian what books or magazines you'd like to see on the shelves.