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  • Mrs. Knode is a Career and Technology Education Teacher since  2000.  She's been a founder and advisor of the Interact Club since its inception at South High in 2010


To prepare students for careers in business and finance.

How to Join

See Mrs. Knode (room 4247) or Miss Newbraugh (room 4245) and obtain an application form.  Upon completing the form your name will be submitted to a committee where you it will be reviewed.  if selected by the committee you will be interview and notified by mail.

Past and Future Events

  • Presentations at monthly board meeting before school
  • Local field trips - HCC / Citicorp / First Data ...
  • Stock Market Game
  • Etiquette Dinner - Nicks Airport Inn, Schmackeulstubb
  • New York City - New York Stock Exchange / NASDAQ
  • Advisory with Mrs. Knode