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Classroom Policies

Each teacher will have his or her own policies within the classrooms.  We have adapted several school polices that aid in keeping our students on time and safe.

Tardy to Class

We sound a one-minute warning bell.  Upon the sound of the tardy bell teachers are to close their locked doors.  If a student is outside of this door an administrator or teacher will be close by to sweep these students to six different tardy areas we have predefined. The student will hand their student ID to the attendant and be marked with a tardy.  The computer will tally the tardy and print out a consequence based upon the number of tardies, the student will acknowledge the consequence by signing the form and will then be escorted to class.

Bathroom Policy

When a teacher permits a student to go to restroom, the student will present their student ID to the teacher. The student name, date and time will be recorded to a sheet of paper. The student will wear a vest properly before leaving the classroom. The student will wear the vest the entire time outside of the classroom and proceed to the closest restroom. Upon returning to class the time returned will be recorded and the vest will be exchanged for the student ID.

Student ID

We adopted a good student program last year, which we will be continuing. Should you meet the requirements of a good student you will be administered a sticker monthly to place on the back of your ID. Upon showing your valid ID to home game sporting event you will be admitted for free to that event. This does not include Playoff or State games.