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Student Government

Advisors: Jennifer Malcolm and Edith Suhy (MS)

The purpose of this organization is to interchange ideas and discuss school issues, to promote citizenship, to organize/promote all activities that are a part of Hancock Middle/Senior High School, and to create and promote desirable interschool feeling.

We plan, organize, and implement Spirit Week and Homecoming activities, the Veteran's Day Ceremony, several Red Cross Blood Drives, the Sweetheart Dance, benefit activities for charitable giving, and more.


  • President: Megan Rogers
  • Vice President: Simon Skolimovski
  • Secretary:  Josie Foltz
  • Treasurer: Kenton Yost
  • Chaptorian: 
  • Historian: 
  • Representatives:  

Middle School Officers

  • President:  
  • Vice President:  
  • Treasurer: