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Health Office

Students with medicine at school will need a physician's medication order (PMO) on the form required by Washington County Health Department and Washington County Pubic Schools. Just stop by the health office and request the form. You may also download the PMO from the WCPS website. Parents/guardians must be sure to sign and date the order form.

Medications are to be delivered to the health office by an adult. Prescription medications must have a current pharmacy label and an expiration date. Inhalers must be in the original pharmacy-labeled box. Over the counter medications are to be in unopened original containers. Please bring the smallest size bottle needed for the school year (e.g. 24 or 50-count). Be advised that at the end of the last school day in early June any medication not picked up by an adult will be disposed.

If your child has a fever of 100.4º F or greater, you or an emergency contact will be asked to pick him or her up. Be sure you made a check mark next to the name of your emergency contacts on the Student Health/Family Information form you filled out at the beginning of the year listing who is permitted to pick up your child from school. Remember, illness with a fever of 100.4º F or greater requires a 24-hour time period away from school without a fever of 100.4º F and without the need for fever-reducing medications before returning to school. Try to have a working thermometer at home to help you provide care, evaluate your child's illness, and make plans accordingly.

Click here for downloadable health forms.