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Library Policies

The Clear Spring High School Library Media Program:

  1. Supports the educational goals of the Washington County Board of Education and Clear Spring High School’s school improvement goals.
  2. Provides materials to support the curriculum, the professional needs of the staff, and the interests, and recreational needs of the students in accordance with the Board of Education Selection and Evaluation Policy.
  3. Develops library skills in students through direct and indirect instruction.
  4. Establishes organized collection and management policies, which allow for efficient access to knowledge and information.
  5. Provides access to information outside the collection through various means.
  6. Promotes lifelong reading, viewing, and listening habits.
  7. Promotes student independence in learning through the use of library media skills.
  8. Provides for periodic review of the library media philosophy, goals, and objectives.
  9. Provides the opportunity for staff development, consultation and planning among library media staff, school staff members, and other appropriate individuals and organizations.
  10. Promotes the utilization of instructional materials, equipment, and services to students and staff.