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Black-Eyed Susan Award

What is the Black-Eyed Susan Book Award?

The Black-Eyed Susan Book Award is a readers' choice award honoring outstanding books. Winners are chosen annually by students throughout the state of Maryland.

Each year since 1992 the Black-Eyed Susan Book Award has been given to one book in each of several grade-level categories. The first high school voting took place in the 1999-2000 school year.

After reading at least 3 of the nominated books, a student is eligible to vote for his/her favorite book. The Maryland Black-Eyed Susan Committee tallies the votes collected from across the state to determine the winner in each grade-level category.

The winning authors and/or illustrators receive a pewter plate engraved with the year and the Black-Eyed Susan Book Award logo.

Authors, illustrators and publishers recognize the Black-Eyed Susan Book Award as an honor bestowed by Maryland students.

Help select the book that will receive the Black-Eyed Susan Award for high school!


How you can help select the winner

Register to vote at the BISFA library.

Read at least 3 of the nominated books.

Cast your vote in the BISFA library in April.


Read Black-Eyed Susan nominated books and YOU can be a winner!

Last year, four $50 Valley Mall gift cards were awarded. We hope to continue our contest this year.

Here's how it works:The more nominated books you read, the greater your chance of winning.

  • Students must read 3 nominees to be entered in the drawing. If you read the 3 book minimum your name will go in the hat 1 time.
  • Students who read 4 - 10 nominees will receive one entry for each book read. For example, if you read 7 books your name will go in the hat 7 times.
  • Students who read all 10 nominees will receive five bonus entries. If you read all 10 books your name will go in the hat 15 times.
  • You must vote to be eligible to win.
  • Four winners will be drawn in April at the close of voting. You may only win one gift card.



  • Check out and read a nominated title in its ebook format and receive 2 bonus entries.
  • After reading a nominated title, rate and review it in the BISFA catalog and receive 2 bonus entries.

See Mr. Williams for more info.