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Katie Taylor-Forney

Katie Taylor-Forney

Katherine Taylor Forney began teaching English at BISFA in 2013.  In addition to teaching English (9, AP Language, 12), she is also the Chapter Adviser for NHS and a co-leader of the school craft club (which is about 10 times cooler than it sounds).  Before coming to BISFA, she studied Secondary English Education at Messiah College, enjoyed time in Philadelphia and Boston, and spent a year marveling in the beauty of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado.  Katherine adores the opportunity to work with students everyday and gets an immense amount of life and energy from the acuity, creativity, and zeal that her students bring into the classroom.  When not in the classroom, Katherine enjoys nothing more than hiking with her husband and dogs (Harper and Tennessee…yes, named after authors.), preferably somewhere a little bit off of the beaten path.