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Contact Information During Verizon Outage

During the Verizon phone outage, it is best to contact schools by using email. Some schools are able to receive calls on a separate landline. Those numbers are listed below, if available. Schools are also using other means of communication, including social media and mobile applications, like ClassDojo.

Elementary Schools

Bester Elementary

Kristen English, Principal
Donald Ansel, Assistant Principal
Mindy Tringone, Assistant Principal
Mary Bowers, Secretary

Boonsboro Elementary

Matthew Wagner, Principal
Tara Burger, Assistant Principal
Lisa Barnhart, Secretary

Cascade Elementary (Emergency only number: 301.241.4037)

Denise Kuhna, Principal
Kristy Irving, Secretary

Clear Spring Elementary (Emergency only number: 301.842.3663)

Carly Pumphrey, Principal
Renee Weddle, Secretary

Eastern Elementary

Kristi Bachtell, Principal
Ryan Hench, Assistant Principal
Sue Sprecher, Secretary

Emma K. Doub Elementary (Emergency only number: 301.791.4291)

Raegon Clutz, Principal
Linda Shank, Secretary

Fountain Rock Elementary

Sharon Palm, Principal
Anne Marie Hines, Secretary

Fountaindale Elementary (Emergency only number: 301.745.3041)

Theresa Williamson, Principal
Susan Witmer, Secretary

Funkstown Primary (Emergency only number: 301.791.4113)

Megan Dodd, Coordinator
Nancy Kirkpatrick, Secretary

Greenbrier Elementary (Emergency only number: 301.745.3321)

Jennifer Scarberry Price, Principal
Mary Byers, Secretary

Hancock Elementary

Michelle Gest, Principal
Teresa McSparron, Secretary

Hickory Elementary (Emergency only number: 301.582.5799)

Daniel Fowler, Principal
Patricia Ryder, Secretary

Jonathan Hager Elementary

Matthew Semler, Principal
Rachel Roth, Assistant Principal
Linda Whittington, Secretary

Lincolnshire Elementary (Emergency only number: 301.582.0428)

Jamie Hade, Principal
Cheryl Bowen, Secretary

Maugansville Elementary

Erin Wolford, Principal
Nicole Paylor, Assistant Principal
Cheryl Henry, Secretary

Old Forge Elementary

Dana Peake, Principal
Sally Spong, Secretary

Pangborn Elementary (Emergency only number: 301.797.5905)

Eric Meredith, Principal
Laura Keilholtz, Assistant Principal
Jerald Woods, Assistant Principal
Kandi Wooster, Secretary

Paramount Elementary

Laura Barnes, Principal
Lisa Black, Secretary

Pleasant Valley Elementary (Emergency only number: 301.432.8777)

Michael Telemeco, Principal
Tina Hershberger, Secretary

Potomac Heights Elementary

Carl Stark, Principal
Eloisa Banes, Secretary

Rockland Woods Elementary

Hope Fuss, Principal
James Funkhouser, Assistant Principal
Cassie Baker, Secretary

Ruth Ann Monroe Primary

Kathleen Forrest, Principal
Karen Cox, Assistant Principal
Lauren Boerstler, Secretary

Salem Avenue Elementary (Emergency only number: 301.791.4382)

Thomas Garner, Principal
Danielle Dwinnells, Assistant Principal
Shawn Grove, Secretary

Sharpsburg Elementary

Keith Allshouse, Principal
Vicki Winston, Secretary

Smithsburg Elementary

Tamsyn Wilson, Principal
Raven Morningstar, Secretary

Williamsport Elementary

Rhonda Smith, Principal
Stephanie Straw, Assistant Principal
Allison Baker, Secretary

Middle Schools

Boonsboro Middle

Lindsey Avara-Reynolds, Principal
Erika Hancock, Assistant Principal
David Hanks, Assistant Principal
Dawn Corapi, Secretary

Clear Spring Middle (Emergency only number: 301.842.3826)

Christine Corbeil, Principal
Robert King, Assistant Principal
Patty Felix, Secretary

E. Russell Hicks Middle

Duane McNairn, Principal
Sarah Eberle, Assistant Principal
Theodore Hunter, Assistant Principal
Chris Collins, Secretary

Northern Middle (Emergency number only: 301.797.5887)

Beth Allshouse, Principal
William Jackson, Assistant Principal
Michael McManus, Assistant Principal
Jodi Jones, Secretary

Smithsburg Middle (Emergency only number: 301.824.5147)

Matt Hoffman, Principal
Kyle Lingg, Assistant Principal
Jeannie Smith, Secretary

Springfield Middle

Jennifer Ruppenthal, Principal
Kelly Buckwalter-Daniels, Assistant Principal
Andrew Kaetzel, Assistant Principal
Marie Fringer, Secretary

Western Heights Middle

Matthew Mauriello, Principal
Jennifer Bausman, Assistant Principal
Genny Hammond, Assistant Principal
Ryan Raley, Assistant Principal
Deb Plume, Secretary

High Schools

Barbara Ingram School for the Arts

Robert Hovermale, Principal
Denise Hunt, Assistant Principal
Sherry Kibler, Secretary

Boonsboro High

Sherry Hamilton, Principal
Justin Bright, Assistant Principal
Todd McCarty, Assistant Principal

Clear Spring High (Emergency only number: 301.842.0082)

Matthew Noll, Principal
Megan Burton, Assistant Principal
Justine Logsdon, Secretary

Hancock Middle-High

Sabrina McCoy, Principal
Brad Delauter, Assistant Principal
Todd Ullery, Assistant Principal
Tara Lazich, Secretary

North Hagerstown High

James Aleshire, Principal
Kara Burhans, Assistant Principal
Darrell Marriott, Assistant Principal
Adam Robinson, Assistant Principal
Robert Stike, Assistant Principal

Smithsburg High

Gary Willow, Principal
Melissa Clowser, Assistant Principal
Timothy Eskridge, Assistant Principal
Robin Daughtridge, Secretary

South Hagerstown High

Jeremy Jakoby, Principal
Robert Compton, Assistant Principal
Rachel Kane-Kirkpatrick, Assistant Principal
John Shirk, Assistant Principal
Todd Stephens, Assistant Principal
Lori Kinslow, Secretary

Washington County Technical High (Emergency only number: 301.797.9743)

Rodney Gayman, Principal
Scott Buhrman, Assistant Principal
Michelle Mummert, Secretary

Williamsport High
Heath Wilcox, Principal
Christopher Cline, Assistant Principal
Amanda Mulledy, Assistant Principal
Christina Yeager, Assistant Principal
Karla Chambers, Secretary

Special Programs

Antietam Academy

Donald (“Tim”) Morrow, Coordinator
Frank English, Assistant Principal
Alicia Harmon, Secretary

Claud E. Kitchens Outdoor School at Fairview

Tim Abe, Head Teacher
Darlene Reid, Secretary

Marshall Street School/Washington County Job Development Program (Emergency only number: 301.791.6716)

Amy Norris, Principal
Elenora Marinelli, Secretary

FOR EMERGENCIES ONLY contact 240.527.4186 for a WCPS employee to deliver your message to the appropriate school.