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Coronavirus & School Closing Updates


A new page has been posted with answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

Latest communications to families

May 20, 2020 - WCPS is sharing more information about how families can pick up their student's personal belongings from school and drop off items that are school property like library books, classroom materials, calculators, etc. Each school will set designated times and dates for this to occur between June 11-22. Read more about grading, report cards, extracurricular activities eligibility, summer school, and more: End of School Year Updates  |  Actualizaciones de Fin de Año  |  La fin de l'année scolaire

distance learning at wcps

All Maryland public schools are closed through the end of the current school year. During this time, WCPS students will continue to learn through distance learning, an alternative means of education in the form of online and offline opportunites to keep students engaged in academics. 

Visit the Distance Learning @ WCPS website to find tutorials, tips, and guidance to support students in an online, interactive learning environment.

Internet access and distance learning

For those currently without internet access in their home, please call your local internet provider for possible free or discounted programs.

If your child is in grades 3 -12 and did not bring home a WCPS-issued device, please contact the school principal to make arrangements to pick up a device from the school. 

a special note for pre-k - 2nd grade

All families with children enrolled in pre-k, kindergarten, first grade, and second grade will be receiving learning packets in the mail with materials that will be used for ongoing lessons. Please keep these materials, as teachers will be referencing these in their lessons. There will still be opportunities for your child to connect with his/her teacher online.

a message for families

We recognize the struggles our school families are facing as we respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. While we do not yet know how this virus will directly impact our Washington County community, we know it can be overwhelming. We hope that in the midst of this adversity, you can encourage your child to continue learning. Additionally, we hope our tools and teacher support can make that initiative a little easier.

WCPS is committed to supporting our students to the fullest extent of our abilities and resources. We understand nothing compares to being in school, where students have opportunities to directly engage with educators and collaborate with peers. This will be an adjustment for everyone in our school community - teachers, students, families, and administrators. Thank you for your understanding, your patience, and your support of your child through this challenge.


WCPS is pleased to provide students and families access to a wide variety of digital and downloadable resources to continue learning. Students have access to their textbooks, subscription content, standardized apps, interactive e-books, and other projects at Keep Learning @ WCPS

These learning resources serve as an extension to the classroom and enhance the learning experiences of the student. Activities will not be collected or graded.

For our families without internet access and for our youngest learners who have not been assigned technology, books and other supplemental resources were provided at school on Friday, March 13 to support reading.

In addition, students may continue to work on classroom assignments provided by teachers prior to school closures.

We encourage you to take this opportunity to explore our extensive digital library and to read!

Keep Learning @ WCPS! 

message from the Superintendent, Dr. Boyd Michael

March 25, 2020


Schools are closed through end of school year

Washington County Public Schools (WCPS) is committed to protecting the public health of our community. We recognize that with the closure of schools and the cancellation of events comes feelings of disappointment and frustration for students, staff and families. We thank you for your cooperation in preventing the spread of the Coronavirus in our community, and we hope you will take advantage of opportunities to engage in enriching learning experiences with your children during this time.


All athletic, extra-curricular, and inter-curricular events are canceled during distance learning. This means formal and informal choral, band, orchestra, and theater practices and assessments, as well as formal and informal athletic practices and competitions will not and cannot be held. 


WCPS schools and facilities are closed to students and the general community. This includes athletic fields, running tracks, tennis courts, and green spaces. The Center for Education Services (CES) is also closed until further notice.

MEALS FOR STUDENTS (Days have changed; five days of meals still provided)

WCPS is providing meals to students free of charge at 19 meal sites across the county. Meals consisting of lunch, snack, and breakfast for the following day(s) will be provided to children 18 and under, Monday (also meals for Tuesday), Wednesday and Thursday (also meals for Friday) at the following locations:

2020 Meal Site Schedule

Community partners and COVID-19 response

Local government, health, school, first responder and law enforcement agency partners are working together to plan, respond and communicate with the community regarding COVID-19. Questions from the public may be directed by email to or by calling 211 or 301-790-9170. Up-to-date information is available online at

wcps Communication and Monitoring: 

  • WCPS will continue to update parents, school system staff and the community via the Connect notification system, the WCPS website, Facebook and Twitter pages and through local and regional media outlets.
  • WCPS is following the latest information from local and state health departments, as well as the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). These agencies let us know when cases of certain communicable diseases are confirmed, and they issue guidelines for appropriate action.

previous school community communications

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