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WCPS Statement on Social Media Use Among Staff Members

Posted August 24, 2017

Hagerstown, MD (August 24, 2017) - Recently it was brought to the school system’s attention that a staff member made social media comments regarding the removal of students from a classroom because of their political beliefs. 

First and foremost, the school system is not aware of any student(s) having been removed from a WCPS classroom or any school property for expressing political beliefs. Further, this type of action is not in accordance with Washington County Board of Education (BOE) Policy or Administrative Regulation, and is not and will not be condoned in any way.

Regarding the use of social media for WCPS employees, the BOE has very specific language governing the application of these online tools, and appropriate action will be taken in cases when misuse is reported. A full description of the BOE Policy, GBEE, can be viewed online at$file/GBEE%20(final)%2020May14.pdf and a full description of the BOE Administrative Regulation, GBEE-R, can be viewed online at$file/GBEE-R%20signed%2030Jul14.pdf.