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Tech High Enrollment for 2017-2018

Posted March 3, 2017

In order to potentially serve more students and to enroll them in as fair a manner as possible, the recruitment procedures for WCTHS are currently undergoing a review and transition process. Here are the details about this year’s process:

  • Students completed interest information during their last visit to Tech in December. 
  • In January, Tech High mailed a final questionnaire to these students to determine if they were still interested in enrolling at Tech.
  • For students to be considered for enrollment as part of next year’s junior class, they must complete that interest questionnaire and return it to Tech.

For students to be considered for enrollment as part of next year’s junior class, a completed interest questionnaire must be returned to Tech. Based on information received from students who visited Tech in December, questionnaires were mailed in mid-January. Please return the questionnaire sent to you in the stamped envelope or contact Tech High at 301-766-8050 if the letter has been misplaced or if you did not receive it.

Please be aware that although a new process governed by set criteria for each of the 17 career technology education programs at Tech has been proposed for the future, the recruitment and enrollment process for 2017-2018 remains as it has been in prior years with only this change: the final interview to determine student’s interest has been changed to a mailed questionnaire. To be considered for Tech High enrollment, students’ interest letters must be returned.

Tech High teachers will begin their selection process of students in the coming weeks, and then Tech High will begin offering seats to selected students. If you are no longer interested in enrolling at Tech, please contact the school office at 301-766-8050 so that staff there can update their records.

Thank you for your time and interest in Washington County Technical High School