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Sports Banquet recognizes those who go 'above the line'

Posted May 23, 2017

Athletic Director Ryan Myers delivers a speech during the annual All Varsity Sports Banquet on Tuesday evening. 

By Brayden Leather

The life of a student-athlete is not easy no matter the level. They balance the weight of maintaining passing grades in your academics and sacrificing countless hours before and after school to practices and games.

Some student-athletes prefer it that way. Playing a sport motivates them. Others couldn’t even imagine.

But one thing stands above all others.

It is not their GPA, but their athletic talent and determination.

Multiple student athletes received recognition for their dedication at the annual All Varsity Sports Banquet on Tuesday evening.

Athletic Director Ryan Myers could not express how proud he is in the determination and effort put forth by the nearly 400 students who participated in an athletic activity this school year.

He quoted Chelsea Football Club manager Antonio Conte praising the “work, work, work,” exerted and challenged the seniors to return as active alumni members after graduation.

“Come out and be a part of a volleyball game or the homecoming football next year. Watch basketball take on North and wrestling host them on our mat,” he said as he listed numerous opportunities to be an active alumni in.

But one of the most important statements Mr. Myers provided Tuesday night came from a book he is reading written by Ohio State football coach Urban Meyer titled “Above the Line.”

Mr. Myers encouraged those in attendance to be “above the line” not only next season but for the rest of their lives in everything they do.

That means doing more than what is expected and then some.

It is a statement sure to be cemented in the heads of Rebels for generations to come as is “One Team”.

But what is “above the line” and how do you get there?

That is up to you to determine.

Team MVP Award Recipients:

  • Cheerleading (Fall): Sara Peer

  • Cheerleading (Winter): Deyra Matos

  • Cross Country: Timmy Witmer & Erica Metz

  • Football: The entire roster

  • Boys Soccer: Ben Carbaugh

  • Girls Soccer: Megan Frey

  • Volleyball: Emma Lorenzen

  • Unified Tennis: Courtland Hahn & Shaquia Myles

  • Unified Bocce Ball: Matthew Wagner & Shelbi Robinette

  • Unified Track: Matthew Comer & Tyrese Simpkins

  • Girls Basketball: Tajah Goodman

  • Wrestling: Shawn King-Pombo

  • Indoor Track: Dajuan Williams & Emily Alexander

  • Track & Field: Kaithon McDonald & Sitta Sheriff

  • Baseball: McCoy Dutrow

  • Softball: Karla Tellez

  • Boys Lacrosse: Joey Garland

  • Girls Lacrosse: Molly McCook

  • Tennis: Sarah Cartwright, Emma Lorenzen, & Mark Moler

Triple Letter Recipients:

  • Sarah Cartwright

  • Jake Bertrand

  • Ben Carbaugh

  • Michael McCook

  • Dajuan Williams

  • Courtland Hahn

  • Timmy Witmer

  • Lincoln Ikwubuo

Principal’s Cup Award winners:

  • Male - Timmy Witmer

  • Female - Sara Peer

Jimmie Winters Award Recipient:

Connor Shank