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Return to Learn - Stage 4

Posted February 2, 2021

Washington County Public Schools will Return to Learn in Stage 4 on Tuesday, February 16, 2021.

We are excited to welcome back our students!

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Mise à Jour: Revenir pour Apprendre

In this update, you will find information about:

  • Students attending in Stage 4
  • Stage 4 school day
  • School bus routes
  • Student health and safety protocols
  • Visitors in schools

Students Attending in Stage 4

The following students are eligible to attend in-person classes five school days a week:

  • Pre-kindergarten
  • Kindergarten
  • 1st grade
  • Stage 2 students (students who attended in person September 16 - November 13)
  • Stage 3 students* (students who attended in person October 12 - November 13)

*Washington County Technical High School students will attend school on a modified schedule as they did October 12 - November 13.

Students in grades two through 12 who have been confirmed through their school to return in Stage 4 will attend school on an A-day/B-day schedule. When these students are not attending school in person, they will attend through distance learning with live, online instruction from their teacher, who is in the classroom with their peers.

Parents and guardians who do not want their children to return to in-person classes may continue to have their children participate in distance learning five school days a week.

If you would like your children to return to their school after Stage 4 begins, please contact the principal to make arrangements. Schools will accommodate additional students as they are able. Students may have to be added to a waiting list if a school cannot welcome additional students and maintain physical distancing in classrooms.


All in-person and online students will transition to a modified school day schedule. The student day will begin on or near their home school’s traditional start time and end earlier than the traditional end time.

CLICK Here for Stage 4 School Day Schedule

All times are approximate and subject to change

Students returning in Stage 4 in grades two through 12 will be attending school on an A-day/B-day schedule.

  • A-day students attend in person every Monday, Wednesday, and every other Friday.
  • B-day students attend in person every Tuesday, Thursday, and every other Friday.

Click here for an A-day/B-day Calendar

When students are not attending school in person, they will attend through distance learning following the Stage 4 school day schedule by joining live, online classes with their teacher and their peers.

Please note: the first day of Stage 4 will begin on Tuesday, February 16, which is a B-day.

Families can look up their child’s bus route information online. Simply click the link below, enter your child’s grade and your home address. The system will provide information about pick-up and drop-off times and locations.

Only students who have been confirmed to return in Stage 4 with their school should use this tool. This system will provide bus information for any address, even if the student is remaining virtual.

If you have questions about your child’s transportation arrangements, please contact your child’s school.

Look up Bus Routes

Student Health and Safety Protocols

WCPS is committed to preventing the spread of COVID-19 in our greater community. Therefore, it is crucial that all students, staff, and families follow and respect the established health and safety guidelines. Both students and staff are expected to follow the same protocols in schools.

Student Health and Safety Protocols

Please review this document carefully to ensure your family follows all guidelines.

WCPS COVID-19 Response Website

Find more information about WCPS’ response to the pandemic.


For the safety of students and staff, visitors to school buildings will only be allowed to access the secure vestibule unless other prior arrangements have been made with the school principal. In addition, school volunteers are not being used at this time. 

WCPS appreciates parents, family members, and mentors who are engaged in their child’s learning community, and we look forward to the day when these visits may resume.