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ParentVUE and StudentVUE Available

Posted May 23, 2018

Hagerstown, MD (May 23, 2018)Washington County Public Schools (WCPS) is pleased to announce that students and parents/guardians now have access to the ParentVUE and StudentVUE applications. Teachers and school support staff have been entering grades and information over the last week, and significant progress has been made. It is anticipated that all updates will be completed by May 31. 

The following information was entered in Synergy from the time period impacted by the outage through May 16, when staff had access to add data:

·         Attendance

·         Course history

·         Report Card Grades for grading/marking periods 1, 2, 3

·         Gradebook for assignment grades in grading/marking period 4

·         New Students/Transfers

·         Student Classes and Sections

·         Discipline Incidents


If there are questions regarding the information that is represented, parents/guardians and students should contact the appropriate school representative. Teachers will be entering assignment grades through May 31.  

Students automatically have an account in StudentVUE. If parents created an account after February 10, 2018, they will need to contact the school to receive an activation key. Any changes made to the ParentVUE account after February 10 can simply be re-entered. If a user has forgotten his/her password, they can visit and follow the prompts to re-set the password. 

WCPS encourages parents to maintain a ParentVUE account to follow their child’s progress through the school year. Anyone who would like to create an account should contact his/her child’s school to receive an activation key. 

WCPS is assuring parents and students that the new backup systems are in use and are performing daily backups, and that corrective actions will address and prevent long-term outages in the future. Staff is also pursuing a technology audit to routinely evaluate systems and ensure the most reliable service for the school community moving forward. 

WCPS recognizes and appreciates the hard work of staff across the organization to work through this outage and get the system back online for all users, and thanks parents and students for their patience and understanding while staff restored the system and data.