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Pangborn Elementary Principal Earns National Mentoring Certification

Posted October 1, 2018

HAGERSTOWN, MD (October 1, 2018) - Washington County Public Schools (WCPS) is proud to announce Eric Meredith, Principal at Pangborn Elementary School, has earned a National Mentoring Certificate from the National Association of Elementary School Principals (NAESP). The program aims to “utilize the skills, knowledge and dispositions of experienced principals to support the next generation of school leaders,” according to NAESP.

The National Mentor Training and Certification Program is comprised of two parts. In the first part, principals spend two days immersed in the exploration of mentoring techniques and strategies. The second part is a nine-month Mentor-in-Training (MIT) internship, which involves the principals mentoring a protégé and reflecting upon the experience with a group of fellow MITs and a coach for the program. This feedback and recommendation process occurs in weekly online chats, which were completed over the weekend in Mr. Meredith’s experience. Finally, a portfolio presentation is given to successfully complete the program and achieve a National Mentoring Certificate.

“I am blessed to work with a great staff at Pangborn Elementary School. They make leading and mentoring a real joy and are the reason all of this is possible,” Mr. Meredith says. “Two previous assistant principals from Pangborn are now principals in WCPS. The opportunity to mentor and grow as leaders with them was a collaborative process that supported this achievement.” The former assistant principals to Mr. Meredith include Raegon Clutz, who is principal at Emma K. Doub Elementary School, and Tamsyn Wilson, who is now principal at Smithsburg Elementary School.

Mr. Meredith will have the opportunity to renew his certification in three years. During this time he will be able to refine and enhance the best practices he gained through the program and stay updated on new research, developments within the program and breakthroughs with adult learning skills.

“Thanks to this process, I gained numerous collegial relationships across the country that have helped me increase my own capacity as a leader. I am now connected to a wide range of resources and networking opportunities with like-minded leaders throughout the field of education,” Mr. Meredith adds.

The process has inspired the Pangborn principal to continue his education, and he is currently participating in classes to earn his Doctoral Degree in Educational Leadership through Liberty University.

Mr. Meredith says, “I’m grateful for all the support my family offers, and they are a key ingredient to my success. My wife Stephanie and daughters Piper and Tanner fully support and encourage all my professional goals and aspirations.”

Eric Meredith