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One Team, One Family

Posted December 10, 2016

Teams are not permanent but the bond they share creates something that is - family.


By Brayden Leather

Tragic events happen without warning. Tragedies also are very unforgiving when it comes to timing. Although it may not seem like things will ever get better or there is no visible bright side for those affected, it will get better and there is a bright side to it. Recently, tragedy struck the South High community sparking the inspiration of two senior girls soccer captains to create a plan to help their teammates recover from this tragic event.

When Taylor and Tyra Martina came home on the evening of November 21st, they didn’t come home to the house they were used to. They were not able to sleep in the comfort of their own bed that night. They came home to nothing but what they currently had in their possession. Earlier in the day, a fire had damaged both the home of the Martina’s and the house of the neighbors. Thankfully, nobody was injured. But now, just days before the Thanksgiving holiday, they were forced to move into a hotel and buy necessities such as clothing to replace what they lost in the fire. But they were not alone. When Chloe Hadley and Megan Frey, Taylor and Tyra’s soccer teammates, heard the news, they both decided to get the team together to help their teammates through this tough time. “We thought since we are one team, one family, we have to be there whenever our teammates are in need… We immediately thought, ‘ok, we have to do something and that kinda sparked the idea of getting the team together and to give our best effort to do something,” Chloe had said. The team put together donations of both personal items like clothing and soccer attire as well as other items they went out and bought. That included a small Christmas tree Chloe had found while out shopping one day. The team decorated the tree with various items such as gift cards the team bought to help out and small ornaments and decorations to make it more personal.


Christmas tree

Decorated with gift cards and homemade ornaments from the soccer team, the Martina family has a Christmas tree put to put thanks to the love and support of their teammates. Photo courtesy of Megan Frey


“We want to leave them with the same mentality we have, to help out our teammates when in need… South High is a close knit community so doing this shows we are not only one team but we are a family both on and off the field and we want to always be there for each other,” Megan said. Teammates had reached out to Megan and Chloe after they heard the news and expressed their interest in helping out any way they can. The senior captains kicked off the idea and almost instantly after the initial plan was set, the entire team was behind them. Both credit their coaches for helping them get the idea off the ground and making the entire process a joint effort.

Hopefully another terrible event does not happen again any time soon but if it does, a team won’t be ready, but the family they have built will be. And that family continues to grow and the bond gets stronger by the day. Together as one team and one family, the Rebels prove to be stronger than anything the world throws at them.