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Once a Rebel, Always a Rebel

Posted February 28, 2017

All-County senior volleyball player Emma Lorenzen runs through an opening between her JV teammates and coaches during pregame introductions. In this article, Emma takes a moment to reflect on the long road to success and the many memories created over the years.


By Emma Lorenzen

From my earliest of days as a Junior Lady Rebel, passing, setting, and hitting a volleyball has always been the light of my day. I could be having one of the worst days possible yet somehow being in the gym cured my bad days. Waking up on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, knowing it was game day, putting my jersey and knee pads on - it was pure happiness. I owe it to my coaches and teachers from middle school who helped shape me into the little athlete with a dream and a ball I was back then. They helped keep my spirits high and made sure I would never dare to say I couldn’t do something. Among those teachers who have made a lasting impact are Mr. Jacob Lougheed and Mrs. Sonia Freeman. They taught  me more than just inside the classroom. They pushed me to show my full potential as a young athlete. They are a big part of the reason I still play volleyball to this day. Being a student athlete in high school was not a big scare for me knowing I had my best friends on the court and in the classroom with me. I wouldn't have been able to do it without Sam Moser, Kaylee Hykes, and Essynce Henderson my freshmen year. They kept me happy and motivated. Your best friends are your most important resource in high school. Keep them close. You will need them as you grow. As a freshmen I was a weak player. I knew a lot about the game of volleyball however, my skill level wasn't there to back it up. It was my passion and love for the game that landed me a position on South High's junior varsity volleyball roster. At the time, JV was coached by Chelsea Weaver. With time and plenty of patience from Chelsea, she shaped into a strong player. She coached me for about five years (that's a long time). She knew me inside and out as a player. I played JV for my first two years as a Rebel and varsity for my last two. I’m now tied with my former coach Chelsea Weaver on the volleyball program's all-time kills list.

Team meeting

Emma Lorenzen and Coach Weaver meet with the Linganore team captains and referees prior to the 2016-2017 season opener against the Lancers.

As a senior in high school, I owe all my success to every coach, teammate, and the parent who supported me along the way. If I could preach one thing to the South Hagerstown High School's student body, it would be hard work does truly pay off. Every student should live by that, athlete or not. I want to convince South High community that being an athlete here is about more than just the sport you play. It is an honor to wear green. Be grateful and cherish every single moment whether it comes on a field, a court, or a track. The memories you make as an athlete are incredible. I have so many great stories to share with my roommates in college, future friends, and future teammates. These are the years you will remember for the rest of your life. Make them memorable.

Being a student athlete is not what scared me going into high school. It was time management. You have harder classes now as well as daily practices and a social life. It's a lot honestly but it's not impossible. However, don't let that scare you or stop you from doing what you love. As a senior I look back at my younger years and owe a huge thank you to sports. My GPA wouldn't be where it is today if I didn't have sports to keep me in line. You work hard and it pays off. With my strong grades and hard work, I've earned a scholarship at my ideal college in Westminster, Maryland. McDaniel College is where I will spend my next four years of education to study communications as a South High graduate. Thanks to South High I know how to balance school work, and a social life while still wearing a jersey in college, all necessities to have going into college and to create another four memorable years. My favorite part about being a student athlete at South High is the opportunity it holds. South High has amazing coaches for every sports team. They work hard and have amazing passion for all athletes here. It warms my heart completely that Ryan Myers, our athletic director, is creating an environment where every athlete matters. He has made my senior year unforgettable and the underclassmen have a lot to look forward to with him in charge. As an athlete, you feel warmth and excitement from everyone here at South High. Your classmates, teachers, and coaches support you every step of the way. Every sport and athlete here at South matters and we are truly starting to become ONE team.