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Maryland State SkillsUSA Competition

Posted May 2, 2017

This is the first time that we have witnessed so many Washington County Technical High School’s students (and even some staff) crying with tears of joy regarding their school, student and personal performances.  This past Friday evening and all day Saturday was the Maryland State SkillsUSA Championships held at many locations around Baltimore.  Upon winning Gold, Silver or Bronze medals for their efforts, I heard students saying, “This was my dream!”, “I am so proud of myself for what I just did!”, and “I never thought that I could place at States!”.  For many of these students, this Career Technical Education State Competition will propel them into a successful post-education and life-long career path.  Kudos to Marjorie Kellman for receiving Maryland’s Region 6 – “Advisor of the Year Award for SkillsUSA”, and kudos to Harold Smith for calling an employer on Friday to get one of his students freed up from his weekend job so he could complete and receive one of the top places at States.  Both staff members went above and beyond the call of duty.  Many thanks for all of the staff assistance over the weekend:  Marjorie Kellman (WCTHS’s SkillsUSA Advisor), Nicole Potter, Sally Irwin, Krissy Eberle, Dave Long, Marjorie Chapman, John Jones, Jennings Vanorsdale, Keon Billings, Chef Twigg, Curt Wood, Harold Smith, Wayne Violet, Paul Neal, Kevin Sokol, Rachel Sines, and Scott Buhrman.  We are very proud of WCTHS’s students and staff!
The Maryland State SkillsUSA Championship results for WCTHS are as follows:  
 Gold Medals:
  • Career Pathways Showcase Business Cluster Team of Jacob Key, Karla Tellez and Derrick Hannah
  • Career Pathways Showcase Human Services Cluster Team of Han Tran, Kaya Jackson and Brandon Hammett
  • 3D Visualization and Animation team of Ryan Freels and Matthew Schmidl
Silver Medals:
  • Prepared Speech: Zoe Boyer
  • Customer Service: Adrianna Triesh
  • Restaurant Services: Jenna Segal
Bronze Medals:
  • Esthetics: Jasmine Day with model: Kayla Stotelmyer
  • Advertising Design: Rebekah Butler
  • TV Video Production Team of Caitlynne Johnson and Nell Humphreys
  • Automotive Refinishing Technology: Lucas Martz
  • Firefighting: Kaylah Smothers
  • Career Pathways Showcase Health Services Cluster team of Deborah Aquino, Corveyon King and Keri Fell
  • Quiz Bowl Team of Grace Jones, Hunter Horst, Jacob Carder, Jacob Cowan and Gabriella Schroeder
  • Photography: Madison Hamil
  • Collision Repair Technology: Austin Fuller
All total, 68 students competed and 28 returned with medals.  All of the students are champions in the eyes of Washington County Technical High School!