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The Goal is Simple - Frey the Opponent

Posted November 25, 2016

Would you like Frey’s with that Rebel goal? Of course you would! Megan Frey (left) and her sister Ashley are a kind of their own.


By Brayden Leather


When Megan and Ashley Frey (pronounced fry, not fray) are having a good day, does that make it Freyday? Yes, there are endless pun-filled ways to use their last name but at the end of the day, they prove to be better Frey’s than McDonald's serves. Armed with a strong work ethic, Megan and Ashley create a name for themselves that is hard to forget. Conveniently, they also have a great sense of humor which made this interview a bit interesting at times. Recently, Megan and Ashley were kind enough to to sit down with me and share their thoughts on being teammates, creating goals for each other and the outlook for the future.


As every sports journalist does during an interview, I always try to ask the athletes I am talking to about their thoughts on the previously concluded season. Megan just completed her senior season of soccer and Ashley just completed her freshman season. Between the two comes an answer with insight on the past and thoughts on improvement as well as a look into the future and the hope to build on that improvement each year. “Compared to all three of the other years that I played here, it was definitely better and more improved. Mentally we were thinking better,” Megan had said about the recently concluded season. “Throughout the season we improved a lot. At the beginning of the season we were still getting to know each other and the coach so the first few games didn’t turn out too good but as the season went on we started working more together as a team and bonding and it started getting better.” Ashley answered.


An incoming freshman who makes the varsity roster is a force to be reckon with. They show a glimpse at what talent the future holds for the program and it boosts the confidence of the young player as they work with older and more experienced players to develop as the season continues on. This is also how future team leaders are created. In the fall sports season this year we saw Sadie Leisinger on the varsity volleyball team and the Frey sisters’ teammate Kelly Bedard on the varsity girls soccer team just to name a couple. So coming into tryouts, did Megan believe her sister Ashley was good enough to make varsity or would she start the year on JV until she developed some necessary skills before possibly being promoted mid-season? The pressure to answer “correctly” was on when Ashley shot her sister the “oh, this should be good” look while I asked the question. "I knew she was good enough to make it but the positions on varsity weren’t definite so I knew she would but there was a chance she wasn’t going to. She did so that was cool” Megan answered to the seemingly approval of her sister. But what goes through the mind of the freshman athlete going into tryouts? Obviously they would like to make it to begin with. Ashley said she really hoped to make the team not only because it would be beneficial to the varsity team but she also believes it would be a good thing to be a team leader for JV the next three seasons she plays of her high school career.


When you and a sibling play the same sport, chances are you two have been teammates more than once. Megan and Ashley are three years apart so playing together on varsity this year was technically the first time they have been teammates (as Megan corrected me). But having a literal lifelong teammate who you know best and have worked countless hours to train and prepare with, basically makes you a part time sibling and part time coach. But it brings a certain personal confidence to the field. For Megan and Ashley Frey, it means your bond is strong enough to know “you don’t have to look up to know we’re there,” as Megan put it. But as Ashley pointed out, it has it negatives. “It’s kinda like the sisterly thing. If you’re not there then I get mad.” That made both of them laugh. “She yelled at me a lot and I yelled at her a lot,” Megan added laughing. When they yell at each other does it make it a Freyfest as kids call it these days? (Sorry. Corny humor.) Being a lifelong teammate/coach gives you the right to critique the other's performance. So I asked them to put on their coaching hat and say what they need to improve on if anything. “I think she did well. She’s kinda like the rookie of the team so there’s room for improvement but overall she was one of the better players,” Megan, a senior player who is practically done developing her skills as she has played not only four years of high school soccer but many years of indoor and youth league soccer, said. What could a “rookie”, as Megan called her, say about the performance of a veteran player? Ashley took a couple moments to gather her thoughts before giving her critique saying, “I think she played good and was a good captain to the younger players coming in.” We’re in the clear, right? Nope. “Her attitude can improve. That’s one of the things. More positive than negative encouragement,” Megan added. At least they could laugh about their shots at each other.


Usually I ask the athletes I interview for their own personal goals for the future, but for this interview I decided to shake it up and ask Megan and Ashley what goals they had for the other going forward. Since Megan will be graduating in June, Ashley already had her goals for Megan ready. “My goals for Megan are to play soccer in college because I know she’s capable of it and I know she capable of balancing out her schedule as like education and soccer and that’s all she has time for so I think without that there would be a piece missing so I think she should stay with soccer in college.” Megan’s goals for Ashley were to fill-in her footsteps that she will leave at South High and step up as a leader of the team. After high school, Megan hopes to get into the naval academy and study oceanography. Her backup if she does not make it into the Navy would be to study environmental science at Stevenson University. Ashley also hopes to go to college after high school but all she knows is he hopes to study something science-related and eventually pursue a career in the same field.


Staying on almost the same track as goals for the future is on, coming into a sports season, every athlete hopes to receive recognition from the coaches they compete for and against and be selected to the All-County roster after the season concludes. Megan and Ashley were informed by their coaches not long after the season ended they both had made All-County - Megan named first team All-County, Ashley named second team. “I was of course happy about it but I also wonder what the other players who are older than me feel and I don’t want there to be any drama between us… That was the only bad part about it but other than that I was pretty happy,” Ashley said about making All-County as a freshman. “I was happy also. I made second team last year so making first team this year was a step up.” Megan answered. Part of the reason why they both made All-County was due to the fact both Megan and Ashley played a key role in the Lady Rebels’ offensive production this year. During the September 29th game this season against St. James, Ashley scored both of the Rebels’ goals on the day and was hoping to get a hat trick. Both sisters wish they could go back in time to that game so Ashley could pull off the hat trick and they could beat the Saints because the game went into overtime, nearly double overtime at that, but a last minute goal by St. James sealed the deal causing South to fall short in their comeback attempt.

Unfortunately, I needed to end the interview on a sad note. I asked Megan what she will miss the most about high school soccer now that her playing career is over. Senior years come and as in the popular saying “all good things come to an end”, this is the case that Megan and her fellow seniors are feeling right now. “I’m going to miss all the friends I made through high school soccer and the bonds that we share and just the fun we have playing because college will be more competitive and not as relaxed as high school. I’m going to miss everyone on the team.” What was a moment where it seemed Megan was going to shed a tear and make everybody else in the room shed tears as well, Ashley comforted her sister saying “don’t cry sissy!” prompting Megan to laugh and assure us she was not going to cry because “I don’t cry in front of cameras.”

What the Frey sisters bring to the table is not to be underestimated. They work hard in everything they do and go all out when it comes to athletics. (If you don’t believe me, read the recap article I wrote on the powderpuff football game when Megan ran all over the juniors as a running back for the seniors.) As for the winter sports season, Megan usually plays indoor soccer and Ashley recently made the JV cheerleading roster. They have fun and enjoy what they do. They won’t stop until they achieve their goals and they know what is within reach. Last time I checked, McDonald’s fries don’t even come close making these Frey’s truly one of a kind.