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District National History Day Winners

Posted March 11, 2020

HAGERSTOWN, MD (March 11, 2020) – Students from Washington County Public Schools earned an opportunity to participate in the Maryland National History Day Competition in May during today’s district competition for middle and high school students at the Washington County Free Library. Judging was done at the Senior level (high school) and the Junior level (middle school) in individual and group categories. The following students and teams earned advancement to the state competition:

Junior Division (Individual Competition):

  • Historical Paper – Lauren Fuentebella (E. Russell Hicks); Reyan Yousif (Boonsboro)
  • Documentary – Zander Hine (Northern); Alexis Heimberg (Western Heights)
  • Exhibit – Brandon Stiles (Springfield); Montana Descoteau (Western Heights)
  • Performance – Lauren Ly (E. Russell Hicks)
  • Website – Talon Boyer (Western Heights); Aaliyah Orndorff (Hancock)

Junior Division (Group Competition):

  • Documentary – Ayden Humphrey, Stanley Stottlemyer (Clear Spring); Lucy Ficklin, Alivia Hornick (E. Russell Hicks)
  • Exhibit – Joey Bowman, McKenna Murphy (Springfield); Brooke Buhrman, Madelyn Pepple (E. Russell Hicks)
  • Performance – Kylie Hollingsworth, Gabby Gathalian (Northern); Nora Murthy, Ava Lucas (Northern)
  • Website – Emalee Chewning, Sydney Hamil (Hancock); Lydia Colosimo, Noah Lennon-Puthoff (Hancock)

Senior Division (Individual Competition):

  • Historical Paper – Ekaterina Gribok (Boonsboro); Lindsey Sparkman (Boonsboro)
  • Documentary – Kevin Bokoum (North Hagerstown); James Estranas (South Hagerstown)
  • Exhibit – Samantha Agostini (Boonsboro); Carlin Blash (South Hagerstown)
  • Website – Margaret Mothershed (Williamsport); Leanne Jones (Williamsport)

Senior Division (Group Competition):

  • Documentary – Addison Miller, Alexander Werder, Zane Chalker (Williamsport); Brianna Simmons, Emma Weikert (South Hagerstown)
  • Exhibit – Lauren Kauffman, Olivia Stevens, Tyler Higgins (Boonsboro); Caleb Dell, Phoebe Meehan (North Hagerstown)
  • Website – Hanna Weikert, McKenzie McCarter (South Hagerstown); Rachel Mease, Samantha Schrodel (Williamsport)

The state competition will be held at University of Maryland-Baltimore County on May 2, 2020.