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Coin Wars Continues at Western Heights Middle, Benefiting Johns Hopkins Children's Center

Posted December 12, 2016

Hagerstown, MD (December 12, 2016) - The Student Government Association at Western Heights Middle School has again coordinated Coin Wars to raise money for Johns Hopkins Children's Center. Each grade level is competing to generate the most points and the points are scored in a unique way. The grade levels receive points for collecting pennies and dollars, but have points subtracted from their totals if silver coins are placed in their collection jars. With that twist, there are times when students can try and sabotage other grade levels' collections by dumping silver coins in their jars. All money collected goes to Johns Hopkins Children's Center. Collections continue through December 21. Special incentives have been offered the students: if at least $500 is raised, principal Matt Mauriello will shave his beard and select students will be able to pie him in the face at a December 23 assembly. Other prizes are also available. The event raised almost $1,500 the previous year.