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High School English Language Arts

In high school English, students analyze a variety of literature and nonfiction selections to refine their selection within a variety of techniques for reading, comprehending and making sense of unfamiliar texts. Each course is organized into four modules, one for each quarter of the academic year. Though teachers share a common philosophy, guided by district-wide PreK-12 Transfer Goals, the curriculum is designed to provide teachers and students the opportunity to pursue scholarly research, with an emphasis on credible evidence.

  • Transfer Goal 1: Evaluate diverse perspectives constructively, critically and respectfully.
  • Transfer Goal 2: Read, comprehend and analyze increasingly complex texts and media produced for various audiences and purposes.
  • Transfer Goal 3: Engage in research and inquiry to analyze, integrate and present information, to investigate claims, and to solve problems.
  • Transfer Goal 4: Produce effective writing in which the development, organization and style are appropriate for various audiences and purposes.
  • Transfer Goal 5: Challenge, defend and/or qualify ideas effectively for  various audiences and purposes through writing and discussion.

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Maryland College and Career Ready Curriculum Framework Grades 9-12

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